Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The Baby has discovered something new and that is the art of the growl. She growls mostly at her pacifier but anything she has in her hands, she will just start growling. It's a very deep, scratchy growl and sounds almost devilish in a cute baby way though. Last week she was just screaming at the top of her lungs in the highest pitch she could let out but this week it's the growl, just a simple "rawr". I will have a video uploaded pretty soon.

Currently the Baby has two little bottom teeth that she is using to tear her stuff to shreds but it seems like she has some bottom molars popping in as well. And the pain is becoming unbearable for the Baby. She can usually take her pacifier or a bottle but now she is grimacing in pain when the teething gets bad. That leads to a grumpy baby that can't sleep. But she seems to sleep pretty fine when we bring her into our bedroom.

Now I've never been against co-sleeping, which is where the baby sleeps with the parents, since that's how I was raised and so were my siblings. But I think my parents did co-sleeping out of pure poverty and not by choice. Growing up, I did sleep on the same twin size bunk bed with a spaceship and planet design until I was 18. But anyways, the Wifey and I and the Baby have been good about sleeping in our separate beds but when the Baby is fussy, it's a lot easier to just keep her in our room instead of trekking across our house to go comfort, get her back to sleep, and only to have her wake up as soon as your head hits the cool side of the pillow. We do have a little bassinet next to our bed for this very reason but recently it seems as though the Baby prefers to sleep in the grownup bed. As soon as we lie her down she is asleep. Now my only big issue with the Baby in our bed is the fact that I am scared I will smother her. And the fact that along with the Baby and the Wifey in the same bed, they take up 90% of it. So I am relegated to my sliver of pillow-top as I have to make sure not to roll towards the center of the bed for fear of crushing my only daughter. Luckily she is still young and still very pliable and has already survived being steamrolled. But the Wifey does a good job of cuddling the Baby with her arm so if I do roll over, I crush the Wifey's bones and not the Baby's body. Good job on taking one for the team Wifey!

Now the Wifey leaves for work long, long before the Baby and I actually get up and since I've been known to sleep through tornadoes, we like to make a Fort O' Pillows around the Baby. This is just a precaution to keep the Baby from rolling off the edge or the bed or just getting up and sneaking out of the house. It's a simple and effective tool to thwart the Baby from rolling around. Simple pillows keeping her confined to a space. All she has to do is climb the pillows and she is free. Babies are so dumb.

Speaking of climbing, the Baby has started to get on her hands and knees and started rocking back and forth. So she is going to start crawling around pretty soon. I can't wait. It's going to be harder now she is a baby on the run but I just want to see her crawl around the house chasing the dog. Should be interesting.

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  1. My nephew had a very distinct RAWR when he was baby's age....maybe it's just one of those cool things all kids discover they can do? I find it hilarious.

    don't roll over your baby...:)