Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doggy Tales

Howdy Friends!

Shrek, the family dog, guest blogging today as my bestest friends in the whole world are gone.

About seven months ago they brought home a rather peculiar thing  and seem to have almost forgotten about me. This thing makes weird noises throughout the day and just slept. They call this thing "baby" and every time it would make a sound, my best friends would drop everything and run to it. But every time I make a noise, I get yelled at for being too loud. And don't get me started on all the cool awesome stuffed animals "baby" gets and I can't even touch them much less sniff those fabulous toys. All this "baby" does is eat, sleep, poop, and cry but it sure makes my best friends smile and laugh all the time. At the beginning, I was not impressed.

But now "baby" is becoming more fun. She likes to staring at me and boy do I love being stared at. Her face tastes so good too and she smells delightful. But I like her because she pets me and she looks at me. And sometimes in the middle of the night, "baby" will start crying so the my girl best friend will get up and walk all the way across the house to get her and I get to follow. I love following. I love walking. I'm starting to notice that "baby" looks like a combination of my best friends and it is incredible. "Baby" likes to get on her knees and touch me and I am alright with that. Now that she is becoming more active, my best friends don't pay as much attention to me. I am fine with that because that allows me to sneak off and snatch the "baby's" precious toys. I tore up a gifraffe, two hedgehogs, and chewed the hell out of a wooden porcupine. The girl best friend was not so happy but I definitely was smitten. I've also been spending a lot more time outside, but it's also nice weather too, so I don't mind.

"Baby" has also been sleeping in the bed with my best friends. I don't mind because "baby" isn't sleeping at the foot of the bed which is my spot. But every morning I like to creep and just smell everybody and lick "baby" toes. I always get yelled at but I always sneak in a few good lickings.

In summation, I don't mind this new addition to the family. "Baby" is slowly becoming my best friend. She doesn't yell at me or tell me "no" she just stares and touches. I love being stared at. Anyways, time to go chill outside, "baby" is about to come home.

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  1. Tell your best friends to install a doggy door so that you can sneak out of the house with baby's toys during bath time. --Stanley the Musgrave dog