Monday, September 20, 2010


This Baby is going to be trouble. I posted awhile back on how she loves laughing when we yell at her. Well, last night I had the Wifey's belt and I was snapping it and the Baby thought it was one of the funniest things ever. We tried to videotape it but we couldn't find the camera. I won't be able to threaten her with my belt like my dad used to do. She's just going to laugh at me snapping the belt and then my heart is going to melt and I am going to feed her ice cream.

The Baby also has figured how to fake things. She will fake cry. She will fake cough. She will even fake smile. She's really sarcastic. The Wifey says she gets it from me. I highly doubt that.  But anyways, when the Wifey and I are minding our own business and she's just hanging out in her swing or Baby Einstein orb of toys, she will fake cough and then immediately look at us to see if she has our attention. And if we continue to "ignore" her she will continue to do it until she gets noticed. But her fake crying is the best. She will start crying and then bury her face in the bed when she is on her stomach. And she will get quiet, look up at us, and then do it all over again. You just have to look at her and she will put her face into the sheets and start crying.

Her fake smile is a fun one too. I think she smiles just to appease us. The Baby will be minding her own business and we'll look at her and make a goofy face and she will just smirk and look away. We know when she truly smiles. What a bitch. Just like her mom.

Development wise the Baby hasn't done anything extraordinary. She has begun to flap her arms like a penguin. And she also likes to slap her hands on stuff. I think it's neat watching the Baby's senses being exposed to different objects, like touch. You can just watch her eyes and see her brain going crazy when she touches something new like a rough surface or a slimy surface. The Baby really loves her toys and she interacts with them fairly well. She also eats all her toys but that's common among babies.

We took her to an FC Dallas game at Pizza Hut Park, courtesy of our awesome friend Jessica, and the Baby absolutely loved it. We were worried because she hadn't napped that much all day and she would be grouchy during the game. But she was excited and smiling (real smiles, not her fake ass bitchy smile) about being outside and watching soccer. During the game I was holding her and letting her enjoy the sights and sounds and then FC Dallas scored and the crowd erupted with applause and yelling. The Baby did not appreciate that at all and she started crying like the baby she is. So the Wifey had to calm her down as I continued to celebrate.

This Friday the Baby gets her first experience at the State Fair. I really hope she enjoys the fried beer.

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