Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Copycat

The Baby has gotten to the age where she is always mimicking every thing that we do. And most of the time it happens is when the Wifey and I are just having a casual conversation. The Wifey likes to cuss like a sailor and we might have heard the Baby repeat a few choice phrases. But now she is copying what we do physically and it's really fun to have her do weird things.

I just noticed the other day when I was cleaning the house and I stopped and leaned on the wall to send a text and I noticed the Baby leaning on the wall next to me pretending to send a text on her fake phone.

She will also grab her laptop when we're both on ours and type away. And if we happen to be cooking in the kitchen, she'll be in hers making dinner as well. But lately she has been pulling up a chair and helping us cook or clean.

It's really cute how she copies what we do. And sometimes the Wifey and I will do random things just to get her to do it. Like jump over random cracks on the ground or even P90X.

I can't wait for her to copy me and mow the lawn. That way I can get her a working mower to help with our yard since the Wifey can't do it. One can only hope.

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