Friday, August 17, 2012

Sensitive Child

One of the things the Wifey and I enjoy is how well the Baby will understand our moods. And then she will usually match how we are feeling.

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday after I picked up the Baby from daycare. Usually we play hide and seek and have dance parties or raid the fridge but yesterday I just needed to lie down. I could tell she was getting antsy but she just cuddled up next to me and would randomly touch my face or give me a nice neck hug.

And then as soon her Nana showed up she was back to her usual crazy self.

I do not enjoy how hyper-sensitive the Baby can be. She obviously gets that from her mother. Any raising of my voice or even a stink eye will get her to immediately frown and bury her face into her mother's shoulder.

I've been told it's only going to get worse. Especially the teenage years. I am not ready.

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