Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fearless Child

Our child is fearless. Or completely clueless. But either way she's crazy. We took a weekend trip to Galveston to catch the beach before the water got cooler. We took the first flight out and after hotel check-in and the drive in from Houston, we arrived at the beach a little past noon.

We anticipated the Baby to be skeptical as she would watch the tide roll in and her feet would get used to the brown Galveston sand. It didn't take long for us to realize that our daughter would continually be floating in the ocean like driftwood.

She would run into the ocean and keep on running until the ocean water would go up to her neck. Then the salty water would pierce her eyes and she would cry about the stinging in her eyes. And five seconds later she would be back in the water. She eventually would take the time out to play in the sand, mainly just fetching ocean water and pouring it into a hole. As we would escape the sun, the Baby would just walk into the ocean by herself. She really could not care if she was within reach of her parents or not, she just wanted to be in the water. It was definitely a very fun trip, even though we spent a majority of the time chasing her, it was well worth it. We're hoping to plan a quick getaway to Florida to see white sand and clear water. And we're pretty sure the calmer waters will make the Baby even crazier.

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