Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tomboy

Deep down inside, I really wanted the Baby to be a little tomboyish. I wanted someone I could throw the football around or I could teach some cool soccer moves - I really wanted to cheer her on at her soccer games or basketball games or anything competitive.

But for some reason, the Baby is such a girly girl. She loves jewelry, she loves putting anything around her neck and walking around the house. She has to carry some kind of purse but it ends being anything with a strap, whether its a trash bag or her mom's bras. And recently she found a brush and started to apply makeup to her face. I don't know who has taught her that. She has officially put on more makeup than her own mother and she's only 16 months.

She hates it when her hands are dirty and she tries on every article of clothing she can find. And on some occasion she will throw a ball or kick it around but she is an extreme girl. Maybe she gets it from her grandmother.

Maybe they will have competitive shopping.

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