Friday, August 12, 2011

Children & Technology

I saw an article a few days ago that discussed the increase of technology in childrens' lives nowadays.

I didn't read the article.

Although it sounded interesting and being a new father I should have investigated but I guess I was afraid of being guilty of whatever the article said not to do. But it's so hard to steer the Baby away from technology. We didn't introduce any television until she was at least one (although her grandmother may or may not have snuck in some Elmo time) it was still hard to keep her away from technology.

I work in the technology industry; I am either on my phone, my laptop, my tablet, or my other phone and sometimes it's a combination of all of them. Which easily explains why the Baby knew how to put the phone to her ear or how she will rest the phone on her shoulder and have the weight of her head pin it down to her shoulder.

It also explains why we had to dust off an old, broken laptop so the Baby could play. She has a nice little LeapFrog laptop but I guess she would rather have the real thing. I think we ended up pissing her off even more because the laptop we gave her weighs about 8lbs - and that was a lightweight laptop a few years ago.

The Baby also understands the concept of touchscreen. She will slide her finger across the screen and vigorously tap until it performs the action she wants.

Do I think technology is bad? Like anything, it's all about consumption and moderation. It was bound to happen that our kids are going to know how to do crap on computers before we can. I think with the Baby she interacts with everyone although she's a little shy and she has probably the most advanced imagination for anyone her age. Ask her to cook you something in her kitchen, I am pretty sure it will be delicious.

So this video was taken long before that article - technology overkill.

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