Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Fashion Show

It's really hard for me to actually dress the Baby up. It is really easy for me to just throw on a onesie and some shoes and then call it a day. But the Wifey wants the Baby to look cute, with a flowy dress, matching headband, and cute shoes. She does not want bloomers that do not match; or anything that is too big or too small or out of season. For example, Christmas shirts, although super duper cute, are not good for the middle of the summer.

So what is the solution? Dress your baby in whatever you want; whatever is the cleanest and easiest to put on. And when someone asks about the interesting choice of clothes, you simply say, "oh the baby picked out her own outfit." That's all you need to say. If anything, you will get mad props for being the cool dad that let's his kids pick out their own clothes.

Turn any sleep sack into a fashionable item by adding pants. Sans pants and I call it a dress.

Poor Baby dressed herself and didn't realize that dresses come with the bloomers attached. Silly baby.

Accessorize your baby with underwear, preferably clean.
Rockin' the one shoe by choice

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