Monday, January 17, 2011

Some News

I guess I will start off with some big news. The Wifey turned 27 yesterday. Which means for the next few weeks, I am married to an older woman. Her wisdom is the same but her age is not.

In other big news, I am officially a statistic for the unemployed as of Thursday. My company had a "reduction in force" and I unfortunately did not make the cut. It just really sucks because I really did enjoy my job. I made my own schedule, worked mostly from home, and it was easy. I had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with my daughter than a lot of parents combined and still be the main breadwinner of the household. But now I can spend all my time with the Baby. Luckily we were able to build a nice emergency savings fund but it does rule a lot of fun stuff we had planned on doing this year. Our yearly birthday trip that we take on the Wifey's birthday was postponed and we just spent the weekend at home.

So right now it's just me trying to figure out which job opportunities are legitimate and which ones are fake. 99% are fake but they are fun to read and imagine the possibilities of working from home and making $5000 a week. But we'll see how it goes.

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  1. Bummer! Good luck with the job hunt! Enjoy all that baby time while you can! This is Piper's first full 3 day week at daycare and my first full 3 days away from her. I am forseeing lots of tears the next three days.