Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inductions and Hot Pockets

Okay, I know from a guy's perspective, my opinion has no clout, whatsoever. But I don't understand why a woman would voluntarily ask to induce their labor. For those who have never been pregnant, an induction is basically when a doctor injects you the woman with chemicals to "speed" up the labor process. The chemical is pitocin, which is just a synthetic version of oxytocin (love hormone). Now there are instances when a baby gets too large to continue to be carried, or if there is medical issue with the mother or the child, but some women get it just because they are tired of carrying a child. A baby is considered "full-term" once it reaches 37 weeks of gestation but ideally a baby isn't ready until 40 weeks. Which is why pregnancy is measured in weeks and not necessarily months.

The body and how it works is fascinating. The body is far more complex than people make it out to be. I believe the body will heal itself, it might be a holistic, hippie way of thinking, but it's true. For a normal pregnancy, the body will let you know when the baby is ready to be squeezed out. Just because 37 weeks is the doctor's recommended minimum waiting period, doesn't mean you set an appointment to shoot the baby out the next day.

It's like on the back of box Hot Pockets. Recommended heating time for one is 2 minutes in the microwave. It's 28 minutes if you use an oven, but seriously, 28 minutes is far too long for a Hot Pocket. A baby is just like a Hot Pocket. It might look done at two minutes but as soon as you get to the middle, it's still damn cold. A baby's vital organs are developed at 37 weeks but it doesn't mean they are fully developed.

And yet I hear stories of women scheduling their births. Where is the excitement in that? The half asleep, mad dash out the door because your wife thinks her water broke. You grab the "the" bag and yet you stop at the door to cross things off your mental checklist.

Is everything in the bag? Do I have the camera? Do I have my keys? Do I have my phone? Are my pants on?

There are women who schedule their inductions just to take advantage of the tax benefits. I am serious.

I don't know, maybe I am a little biased because I married a tree hugger. But it all makes sense. Why rush something when you don't have to? If there are issues, then an induction is fine. If you're about to give birth to a 19.2lb Indonesian baby, then an induction is fine. If the baby is just chillin in the womb after 40 weeks, then an induction is fine. But don't induce for the sake of convenience.


  1. I agree with you! Love the Hot Pocket reference:)

  2. With that being said, I have no issue with Meaghan being induced on 2/24.

  3. Ha. I think that people are just different. Some people (not the tax benefit people) have anxiety really bad, and knowing when the baby is going to come is a lot better (and safer for them) because of the physical attributes that can be added to anxiety. Just sayin....but you should definitely wait until the baby is cooked all the way.

  4. I would be terrified of an induction, personally. Something about making things happen before they are ready...just makes me a little anxious.

    It was SO GOOD to see you guys this weekend. I love your wife. She is my lifesaver :)