Monday, January 24, 2011

Get Down with the Sickness

Today was a sad day. It is the first time the Baby has gotten sick. We thought she has had some groggy days before but now we know how she acts, or much less, how she doesn't act when she is ill.

Early this morning we heard the Baby cough on the baby monitor but it wasn't more than twice that she cleared her throat, so neither the Wifey or I thought anything of it. Well, when the Wifey went to go feed the Baby she had noticed that she had thrown up in her crib. And she threw up a lot. But she didn't cry once throughout the night. So the Wifey brought her back to the bedroom and checked her butt hole temperature and it was a brisk 101 degrees.

So obviously we decided not to take her to Mother's Day Out and I would stay at home and be with her all day long (what else am I going to do?). Usually around 830AM the Baby will wake up and start talking and immediately climb up my chest to look out the window. This morning she just looked at me, sighed, and went back to sleep. She was pretty warm to the touch, so I just had to make sure that she stay hydrated and didn't throw up anymore.

But she was such a sad baby. I can put her on the ground and she will crawl around the entire house, opening up cabinets, pulling crap out, and then crawl around some more. When I brought her out to the living room, she just crawled up to me on the couch and put her head on my thigh and slept some more. So today has basically been a back & forth of the living room and the bedroom. She is not a typical cuddling baby as she likes to explore and torment the dog. But today she just lied in my arms and slept. Between 7AM and 7PM, she slept about eleven hours.

And as much as it hurt me to see her sick, it allowed me to appreciate our lives. I just enjoyed the fact that I could hold her in my arms with her head on my chest and she could she just sleep. The only movement she would do is move her head from the left side of my chest of steel to the right side. She didn't say much, or smile much, but she would just look at me with her eyes and I knew what she was thinking. "I feel like shit but you're comfortable."

Let's hope she's better tomorrow. I have a floor of Cheerios that needs to be eaten.

In the meantime, here is a video from when the Baby was 6 1/2 months and she learned how to growl. And according to the video, she knew how to growl on cue.

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