Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Year Goes By

Dear Pillow:

It's been a year since you made your rather quick debut. I was worried  you were going to screw up our routine but you've done a good job of fitting in.

You already have the ability to piss off your sister by kicking her with your chunky legs or taking her food when she isn't looking but you'll realize that you have one of the best sisters ever. The other day y'all were playing in her room and she came out to the living room to look for electrical outlet plugs because you kept on sticking your fingers in one. It was a little scary that she left you unattended in her room all by yourself while she looked for those plugs but at least she is looking at for you.

Food seems to be your favorite thing as you'll double fist snacks while you have your mom's boob in your mouth. You throw a fit if you don't have your milk as soon as you wake up but as soon as you're full, all is well with the world.

This past year has shown how resilient you are - the sickness every other weekend is a gentle reminder to us on how fragile you can be. You've already been to the emergency room and you've already had an IV put in your arm. I've never had an IV before.

You're not a fan of staying asleep, which kinda wears everybody down. But at least you're a happy, cute baby. It definitely helps that you aren't a grouchy kid.

It may seem like you're an afterthought sometimes; we finally purchased your first toy a couple days ago. But you seem content with playing with anything you can find around the house. Who knows what your personality will be like when you finally begin to talk.

Happy 1st birthday you little stinkpot.

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