Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Eight Years and Counting

Eight years ago on my wedding night, one of my friends came up to me towards the end of the reception and matter-of-factly stated, "I don't think you'll make it past three years but I sure had fun tonight."

And eight years after the Wifey and I both said 'I do', here we are, still going strong. So eat shit Zack. I know it was probably all the alcohol talking so I wasn't too terribly offended by the statement but in retrospect, I am surprised the Wifey hasn't left me.

Ask anybody who knows me and I can bet they will say three things: 1) I am extremely witty. So witty in fact that if wit were a superpower, I'd possess it. 2) I am extremely sarcastic. I think that has to do with my wit, which is both a blessing and a curse. 3) lastly, I am an asshole. I don't always mean to be, it's a combination of my wit and sarcasm and the fact that I have about 1% capacity for grace.

So for everyone who knows the Wifey, they know she's none of the above, although she has gotten more witty over the years. She's patient, compassionate, loving, and sensitive. She's learn to predict my mood swings, even though I will deny it, and she has an uncanny ability to think about my perspective before she makes any decisions. She knows I hate crowds. She knows I hate people. And she'll plan accordingly. I know, it's pretty selfish of me and selfless of her that she has to do those things and that's why I am surprised she hasn't packed her things and left.

But throughout all these years, if there is one thing I can be 100% certain about, it's the fact that the Wifey will love me no matter what. She has complemented me in every way imaginable and I really can't articulate how grateful and truly blessed I am.

I guess I can say it's actually me who is the luckiest.

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