Thursday, July 23, 2015

School is Around the Corner

It just a few short weeks the Monster will be starting kindergarten. We opted not to go with public schooling, even though the Wifey and I are by-products of the public institution, but we went with a charter school. We did our research and just felt the Monster would get the best experience and education.

The Charter school is one that she will have to go through until she graduates - I worry that she won't get the social exposure that she might have gotten in a public school setting. There won't be the Friday night football games or the cheerleaders. Or the over the top homecoming dances and cheerleaders. Or cheerleaders. The Wifey says they still have sports but what's the fun in watching a team beat up on Sunnyvale Home School or Prime Prep (RIP). Luckily the Monster won't know any difference.

I remember when I started kindergarten and my mom just walked me to my desk in Mrs. Taylor's class (that bitch) and that was it. No emotional good byes or my mom peering through the window as she makes sure I am okay. I just sat down and that was it. I just remember my brother telling me if I don't know how to spell my name, then the teachers won't know who I am and I will be able to come home because they wouldn't know who I belonged to.

I can already see the Wifey crying the night before and the morning of and crying when she picks her up. The Monster is excited for school or I should say she's excited about the idea of school. She has already mentioned how she can't watch her YouTube videos at night because she's going to be busy doing homework. She'll soon realize that she can't get up and go to the bathroom whenever she wants or raid the pantry when she's hungry or sleep until 10AM. It's going to be an adjustment for her. But just like everything she's done so far, she'll probably surprise us and be the most well-behaved kid ever.

It'll be the first time that Pillow is separated from her sister. Although Pillow is more inclined just to annoy the hell out of Monster, she follows her everywhere. And steals her food and takes her iPad. And Monster takes it all in stride. She really is the best big sister.

So in just a few short weeks I'll be learning how to do basic math so I can help the Monster with her homework.

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