Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Overdue Update

I guess it's been awhile.

Pillow is fast approaching 5 months old. She's definitely not the same as the Monster (my nickname for Baby) but I guess it could be that my memory might be skewed. It seems Pillow is always crying or being fussy around me. I've mentioned a few times how she doesn't really like me. It's like she heard all the crazy things I said in the womb and is holding a grudge against me. Monster is a four year old. Sassy, rude, and the best big sister ever. It really freaks me out how much she helps with Pillow - how she will give Pillow her pacifier if she starts crying or she'll put a blanket over her if she things she might be too cold. Or the countless reminders that she's probably hungry or needs a diaper change.

But through all my frustrations with a newborn who won't stop crying if I come even close to her and a four year old who will snap back with "don't argue with me" replies, I am still incredibly grateful for the Wifey. She hasn't once complained about my incredible ability to sleep through anything while Pillow is screaming in the middle of the night. She operates on only stretches of sleep, an hour and half here and there throughout the night. And then her alarm will go off and she will help me get Monster ready for daycare.

I've been trying to help around when and where I can. Making dinner, cleaning the house, and just making sure she is relaxed as possible. I hope she understands how truly grateful we are as a family to have her around. All I know is if she wasn't around, there would be a crying baby and a little kid wearing shirts inside out to hide the stains.

But I know everyone comes for the pictures, so here are some from the camera roll.


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