Thursday, August 21, 2014

So It Ends

The Wifey heads back to work next week after taking her maternity leave. I was happy that she got to spend time with Pillow and was really ecstatic she didn't have to deal with her stress at work. This time around things are drastically different since Baby was born. We no longer have an awesome live-in nanny, I no longer "work from home, and now we have second, much louder mouth in the house.

Baby will continue to go to her in-home daycare but Pillow is going to hang our with her Nana until she gets a little older. It helps us save a little more money (since daycare in general is expensive) but it also lets Pillow develop her immune system. Baby didn't start going to daycare until she was a lot older and we were lucky to avoid most of the daycare illnesses like ear infections.

It's situations like daycare that I wish I made more money so the Wifey could be a stay at home mom. Things would be a lot easier not having to worry who can get off in time or who can stay home when someone is sick. I just remember when my mom would watch my sister's kids while she worked and just how much easier it was for my sister and her family.

Anyways, Baby really loves her baby sister. She never hesitates to give her a hug or talk to her; it's really not what we expected at all. One of the things we tried to instill with Baby was a sense of independence and to some degree that has backfired on us. Baby finds it necessary to take it to her own hands to change the diaper or burp Pillow. That sounds awesome but she can barely pick her up. I just worry that Pillow will end up getting dropped on her head.

We think the Baby enjoys her sister so much is because she actually has a real life baby doll to nurture. Baby has been pushing around a stroller with a baby doll in it everywhere and we'll even catch her putting on her doll's clothes on Pillow. It's a little annoying but it's much better than us catching her stuffing Pillow into the dryer.




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