Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Day has Come and Gone.

The Wifey's doctor, with all her years of schoolin' and practicin', has failed to correctly predict our child's due date. That is two strikes against her.

Pillow was supposed to be squirted out as of yesterday 6/9. The Wifey, using her Ouija board and advanced Sabermetrics, feels that tomorrow, 6/11, is the actual arrival date. So we'll see if Google is a better doctor than our trained professional. In all seriousness, the Wifey has an amazing doctor. She's patient and honest but let's the parents entertain crazy scenarios before squashing it with her incredible knowledge and reassurance. She has great bedside manner (maybe OB/GYNs actually have feelings unlike my old robot of a family doctor, Dr. Allen). Plus her assistant is pretty hot.

Friday morning, I worked from home because the Wifey had an appointment. I had an early meeting and the Wifey was considerate enough to wait until I was finished before she said, "hey, I need to go the doctor now." With the last pregnancy, urgency was never my wife's strong suit. It drives me crazy because I am used to Hollywood depicting when women go into labor. Look Who's Talking, 9 Months, Knocked Up - they all have crazy scenes where the driver runs red lights and goes airborne and drives on the sidewalk and then drifts into a parallel parking spot or blocks the fire lane and the dad casually throws his car keys to the paramedic and says, "take care of it for me".

But no, that dream won't happen because I married Miss Laid Back Birther who on the way to the hospital says, "oh can you drive down this street? I like looking at the pretty houses."

Anyways, spoiler alert, the new baby wasn't born over the weekend. But we did manage to finally put the Baby front facing; we follow the car seat manufacturer's safety requirements on maximum height/weight which now means I get kicked in the back when I drive anywhere. We also installed Pillow's car seat, so the cars are good to go.


So just like Baby four years ago, the waiting game has started. We managed to avoid a weekend hospital stay ; even though nearly everyone at my office thought it was going to happen.

I just hope when Pillow does arrive that the hospital has cable because the World Cup starts on Thursday and just like me knocking up my wife, that only happens every four years.

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