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First off, everyone should take some time to check out; it's not my site but a random guy who took the time out to buy the domain name. Something my literary agent should have done. But he has some funny stuff on his website and worth checking out- I had some good laughs. Keep up the good work site title twin.

Had we known that Big Tex was going to become a towering inferno with a creepy waving hand, we might have spent more time at the State Fair of Texas.  Here is a nice little song in memory of Big Tex:

The Baby had a blast year and we hoped she would relive her crazy antics. For some odd reason, I always remember the Baby having the most grandiose time; jovial and laughing the entire time. Not being a terrible two bitch. This year, she was pretty well behaved.

We took the rail to the park because we're trying to be green and it's cheaper than the $16 parking. We've ridden on the rail before with Baby and she didn't do anything special but I guess she is at the point in her life where everything is cool.

She would watch the scenery buzz right by and just be astonished. Unfortunately the train ride was so much fun she didn't want to get off and threw a tantrum but all would be well as soon as we stepped in she was back to her normal self.

The day started off with an order or nachos for me and deep fried chocolate covered strawberries for the Wifey. The Baby loves chocolate. Absolutely loves it. If her fingers could always be covered in it, she would never stop licking her fingers.  Our first photo op was the obligatory fountain picture.

Our first stop was the car show so the Baby could play in the cars. We probably weren't well liked by the car people but the Baby had a blast. For some reason she only picked blue and red cars.

She wasn't as interested in the dog show - which is sad because that is our yearly tradition to see the three legged dog splash into the pool. We left and went to Big Tex. Our last photo before Big Tex would experience spontaneous combustion.

The next stop was the kid's farm thing. Usually we breeze right through it but this year the Baby was actually interested in performing the tasks at hand. Feeding the chickens, milking the cow, riding the tractor.

We moved on to the petting zoo. The Baby has no fear. She would just shove her animal feed through the gate so the animals would eat. The Wifey was worried she would come out with one less finger.

The family even decided to go to the kid's rides and see what all she could ride.  Unfortunately she is under 36inches in height so we didn't have many options. Our only choice was sitting inside a big, spinning bear. The Wifey was terrified because of the machine was creaking and making weird noises but the Baby absolutely loved it. Next year is going to be even better; hopefully she'll be tall enough to ride the rides herself. The Baby is such a thrill seeker.

Our day ended soon afterwards and the Baby was passed out on the train. A pretty successful trip to the fair.

RIP Big Tex. Circa 1951 - 10/19/2012

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