Friday, November 2, 2012

Dresses, Gowns, & Tutus

Maybe a few weeks ago I was watching football on Sunday and the Baby ran up to me and brought me a ball and wanted to play catch. She can't catch worth a damn but the fact that she wanted to throw a ball around kinda got me thinking how cool it would to have someone else in the family who was willing to do athletic things. I tried to teach the Wifey to play tennis and she swears I was the meanest tennis coach ever. I thought I was pretty good but one lesson later she since hasn't picked up her tennis racquet.

The Wifey will agree that I am fairly competitive - we once played on a co-ed soccer team at the local Jewish Community Center and I thought it would be fun to write up weekly strategy emails and hand out player of the week awards. Reflecting back on that, I guess I am pretty crazy. So it would probably be in my daughter's best interest that if she ever decided to play any sports that I restrict myself to full-time spectator status.

But anyways, after cheering on some touchdowns with the Baby, I thought it would be nice to have a tomboyish daughter.

That thought lasted about a day. The Baby was soon introduced to princess gowns and tutus. And it was over. It was very over.

As soon as the Baby comes home she will rip off her clothes and put on a dress and twirl. It's a chore to keep the Baby from leaving the house in her faux wedding dress. Necklaces and heels, I am overwhelmed with girly stuff.

Hopefully it's just a phase and her extreme girly-ness will reach critical mass and I could have a normal child.

Or maybe she is destined to just be a princess.

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