Monday, December 26, 2011

A Seamless Transition

I know this might be a bit tardy, considering it's been almost 10 months - but I think it's important to mention our dealings with breastfeeding. I've written quite a few posts in the past on the importance of it and tried to give advise for those who question which way they want to follow but there was never a mention of the Baby finally transitioning from the teet to the cup.

The Baby weened herself. It was a gradual change - something I never really noticed until the Wifey mentioned it to me with a tear in her eye.

When I reflect, I always think about how the Wifey would nurse in public and I would make sure there was privacy - not for her, but for me. She could care less. She knew it was just her feeding the child, nothing risque or inappropriate about it. I just didn't want creepy guys to take a gander.

The nursing times proved to be our few minutes of sanity - just pure quietness for all three of us. The Baby would just cuddle up to Wifey and I could focus on my video games.

Now it's all about what snacks we can find. One moment it's grapes, the next moment she wants crackers, or cheese, or cheese and crackers. Or she wants string cheese but also sliced cheese - or now she wants yogurt but the adult yogurt with her baby spoon or the baby yogurt with the adult spoon. So many different options and variations when before it was either left or right boob.

But it was an experience - and it was a bond that I will never experience with Baby like she does with her mom. The only memories I can cherish is being yelled at for not cleaning the breast pump properly.

It's amazing to reflect and see how much breastfeeding consumed our lives, a set two hour schedule of 3 minutes on each side. And suddenly it was gone. Suddenly there was no quick food source - now we have to package snacks and now we have to clean up after her. And it's expensive feeding the Baby real food.

But it was a seamless transition, although my bank account will say otherwise, and something to always cherish.

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