Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Peanut Butter Potty Time!

The Wifey and I have been getting a little fed up with the Baby's desire to constantly be naked. She is always taking her diaper off and I have even taken the step of taping her diaper, in which she throws the biggest fit ever.

So we decided to be proactive and and start setting her on the potty so she would get accustomed to it. And so far she has gotten the hang of it with minimal hiccups. Every morning she goes to the bathroom and pats her diaper and we set her on the seat. It usually takes her a good five minutes to start going (typical girls) but as soon as she's done she will start clapping and cheering. We don't know how long she will keep it up but at least she is good at going through the motions.

In related news, as soon as she hears the shower running, she immediately strips down. I guess she is trained to know when to shower as well. But a shower means she can draw with her bathtub crayons and splash water. Oh well, baby steps.

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