Friday, December 9, 2011

A Good Baby

Today I wasn't feeling well (probably because I spent the entire previous day cleaning the bedroom/bathroom) so I decided to make it a stay in bed all day until work day. And the Baby did not care one bit. Usually she gets stir crazy but today we just lied around and watched movies all morning. She snacked on grapes and would go from lying next to me with the pillow behind her head to sitting between my legs.

Occasionally she would come up to me and put her arms around me and then grab my face with her little hands and give me a kiss on the lips and go back to watching the movie.

We ended up taking a break to go get some pho and as always, the Baby loved it. She sat in a booster seat and for the most part did well - she did a lot better job of keeping her food in the bowl.

Usually on the drive back, she passes out and I can sneak in a nap but she stayed awake. My routine is to get out of her car seat and let her walk into the house. She will then press the lock button my car door and then jingle the hanging dog leash before we go into the house. When we walked in she grabbed her cup of grapes and a book and went straight into the bedroom and laid on the bed.

So we watched another movie and she laid her head on my arm and grabbed my arm and wrapped around her body and made sure the comforter was covering her legs and took a nap.

She was a good baby today and makes me very happy she's my kid.

So here are a few pictures.

Before our lunch date today, with her Mug O' Grapes next to her.

She grabbed her blanket and took a nap on the ground.

Fake sleeping, you can see the smile on her face.

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