Monday, September 5, 2011

Unsolicited Advice

Lately my Facebook feed has been become filled with new parents and expecting parents. And it makes me nostalgic to see their photos of their little babies with their eyes still swollen from adjusting to real light and their tiny hands covered in cloth condom wrappers.

I like to take some time out of my day and go over the old photographs of the Baby and reminisce how perfect she was. And then I see my child drop kicking the dog and tagging up our living room walls with her Crayolas.

But as I see my friends experience their lives changing with their new addition, I can't help but want to give some advice. I just don't want to be*that* parent that believes, "oh, I did it and it worked for me and it will work for you". That mentality does not work, so I abstain but I just can't help to want to reach out and tell my friends, "think of your child!"

***Unrelated*** The Wifey justs sent me a message on Google chat about her cooking dinner tonight and this is what she says:

Wifey: you are supposed to char the tortillas over the gas stove. do you think i could do it ghetto style and just light some paper on fire?


***End of Unrelated***

Anyways, I just see my friends post simple questions on Facebook about raising their child and what they should do and I am horrified by some of the responses.What's even more horrifying is that their comments end up getting "liked".

I just don't understand; as a parent you need to proactively educate yourself on everything about your child. If you believe in one method, why not research other methods just to confirm yours is the right one? There is no wrong way or right way to raise a child. But at least be educated about it. Just because it worked for your mom or your mom's mom, does not mean it is set in stone.

Hell, even question your doctor. Depending on when and where your doctor received her degree, will dictate what advice they give you. There are multiple schools of thought and it's okay if you disagree, it's okay if you question. In fact, the best thing you can do with your doctor is ask questions. As much as our insurance gets charged for the Baby's scheduled maintenance, I am going to get my 10 minutes worth of face time with my doctor.

For my friends who are expecting... if your doctor is pushing for a C-section, why are they pushing for a C-section? If you doctor wants to induce, why are they needing to induce? I personally disagree with both unless medically necessary but like I said before, to each his/her own.

I guess the whole purpose of this post is just to make sure you can defend your ways. If you firmly believe what you are doing is the best thing for your child and your child is happy, then I will respect your decisions.

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