Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Day at the Beach

The Wifey and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip down to Galveston for the weekend. We wanted to restore the Baby's faith in the beach after the whole Cali debacle where the Wifey tossed the Baby into the waves.

So early Saturday morning we hopped a plane to Houston and rented a car to spend at the beach. It was going to be one of the last weekends of really nice weather so we took full advantage of it.

The Baby immediately enjoyed the cool ocean breeze but she was still skeptical of the waves rolling in. She could sense the water but she couldn't avoid the waves. She would make a mad dash for the ocean and then as soon the next wave came trickling, she would make an abrupt U-Turn.

So the Wifey decided to put on her floaties and then the Baby became invincible.

She loved the ocean. She loved the sand. She loved it just like we figured she would. She ended up becoming delirious because she loved it so much. So here is the Baby being crazy in Galveston:

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