Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Family is Back.

I am going to take advantage of some extra lunch time to hammer out an update.

The family made it back safely from Boston and it's nice having them back in the house. I do not like the fact that the house instantly becomes thousand times messier as soon as the Wifey sets foot inside the house. It seems that the family up North absolutely loves the Baby but I already knew that was going to happen. The Baby even came home with some new tricks up her sleeve.

She now knows how to blow kisses but for some reason she blows a kiss and then touches her head. She understands the concept of waving goodbye and when to accurately use it. Previously she would just flail her arm around like she was "raising the roof" and trying to pump up the crowd like a WWF wrestler. But now she waves when someone is leaving and returning.

The Baby has also discovered clapping and that's probably best her trick. She does a nice little soft, golf clap when you ask her. And any time someone says "yay" she will start to clap. She still does the "nice to meet you" handshake but changes from her left and right hand whenever she pleases.

She is so proud of herself after these tricks but her shyness has really kicked in lately. Luckily it's the cutest shyness in the world, so it's okay if she doesn't show off her moves.

The Baby is extremely close to walking. She has taken some stutter steps and even a jab step to the wall. Last night she took a few steps on the bed and it was in total slow motion. Although it would be awesome if she started walking, we aren't in a hurry for that to happen.

In other news, my father is in town. We still don't know if the Baby really likes him or not but she does tolerate him. Which is a lot better than anyone else in the family. But my dad will grab the Baby and take her to the light switch so she can flick it off and on.

The new job has definitely changed our routine. I have to be out of the house by 7:25AM to make it to work on time at 9AM and the Baby usually doesn't wake up until about 830AM. So it's a hassle getting her dressed without waking her up. By the time I get home, usually around 630PM-700PM, I only get to spend an hour or two with her before she heads to bed. So right now we're just enjoying the weekends.

I'll try and get videos up of the Baby doing her tricks pretty soon.


  1. There is a book my brother had when he was about 18 months that he loved called "Clap Your Hands." Its a little early for Evelyn but I thought it was so cute and fun that I plan on getting it once little P is of age. Its just a bunch of different instructions that the baby is supposed to follow and its a neat little snapshot of all these little motor skills and animal sounds she would know. Ex. "Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Turn around. Take a seat. Roar like a Lion. Growl like a Bear. Hope like a Bunny..." But it rhymes and there are fun pictures.

  2. Who are you to say that Evelyn is too young for this book?!