Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Eve

Laughing, winking baby
Well I do apologize for being missing in action for the past week or so. I had forgotten how much time a 40 hour week can consume. The Baby is only a day away from finally turning 1.

She has grown up so much and so fast, it really scares me. She is now walking more than she is crawling but if she is looking for a quick getaway, to the hands and knees it is. Whenever we let the Baby roam the house, she always seems to venture to the guest bedroom. The only thing we had in there was a mattress on the ground and the guest sheets on the bed. And while the Wifey and I are in the kitchen, we’ll hear shrieks of laughter and we see the Baby wrapped in the comforter and just having a grand time. So we decided to move her toys in the room and completely baby proof from her falling off anything and covering all the outlets. And she absolutely loves it. Her favorite part is climbing onto the mattress and standing and trying to jump. The Wifey and I enjoy watching her climb off the mattress. We figured she would just fly off the side but the Baby actually turns her body and goes down feet first, despite it only being a few inches off the ground.

Last Friday it was daddy and daughter night out since the Wifey was getting wasted and practicing her graffiti with her friends. So I took the opportunity to take the Baby out to dinner to a local pho place. If there was any doubt in mind that the Baby wasn’t mine, it was quelled when I saw her destroy a bowl of pho. She just absolutely loves the noodles and just shoves it in her mouth as soon as I put them on the table. She probably could have kept on eating if I wasn’t fat and hadn’t eaten the rest of her noodles. She just lies to sit there with the noodles hanging out from her mouth and her feet propped on the table. Pictures don’t lie.

The Wifey has been planning her life away for the Baby’s 1st birthday party. She probably has spent more time researching and buying then she did with our wedding. It’s kind of scary. But I am proud of her and on paper it’s going to be a great party. Let’s see how well she pulls off all the details.

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