Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Cat is Away

My dad came into town this weekend so the Wifey and the Baby figured it would be a perfect time to hop on a plane and go to Boston. I'm probably the only one in the family who still talks to my dad on a regular basis (he lives in Florida) even though I only call once a week. It's not too bad. He usually forgets everything I told him the week before so I just repeat the same story to him for a few months and he likes to tell me the same stories. It's kinda like Groundhog Day, except with broken English and an Asian accent.

This is only the second time that I have been away from the family - the first was when the Baby was only a few months old. It's different now because I've really gotten to know her and just truly enjoy watching her learn new things. We're still working on teaching her new tricks so we can show her off at parties but it's the new motor skills or figuring out a toy that is the most fun to watch. We bought her a toy drum that she loves. She can't walk but she likes to stand up and slide the drum across the floor. She also has this creepy Winnie the Pooh walker toy that she just loves. It has a little mirror on it so she kisses it every time she sees it. But then we started playing with this one toy where you just press a button and an animal pops out. We sat together for about 45 minutes the other day as I pushed the button and she closed the animal that pops out.

In car rides, the Baby usually sings to us and she has a book that she thumbs through. But recently she has begun to randomly laugh and it lasts a few minutes. But then we'll start to laugh and then she laughs even more but its an obvious fake laughter but it sure is entertaining. She even looks back at us in her little mirror and smiles and then shyly turns her head.

But for now, they are in Boston enjoying great food and family and I get to listen to my dad on repeat.

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