Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well a few weeks ago, I had the fortunate/unfortunate dilemma of losing my job. It was unfortunate because it really put a damper on our financial situation but it was fortunate that I got to hang out with the Baby so much.

We had a nice routine of her yelling around 630AM, I go to her room to get her and she falls back asleep in the bed with me and we cuddle until about 830AM-900AM. From there she'll eat her two bananas and cereal and talk to me about nonsense. I then dig through all her clothes hoping to find something to match or face ridicule from the Wifey. But most of the time she just wears her pajamas all day like I do. We'll then take a small cat nap at noon for an hour or two and then wake up for more lunch and playtime.  We then make a small trip to the mailbox to check the mail and also see the neighborhood ducks. Then 3PM rolls around and she takes her extended nap with me until 6 or 7PM.

I've learned that she loves cuddling and she hates her feet being covered, whether it's with socks of a blanket. And when she sleeps, she sweats like a fat guy when she's too hot. Her favorite game is eating cheerios on the ground and she loves taking out all the clean clothes from the laundry basket. In fact, she loves removing everything out of boxes. And lastly, when the Wifey gets home, I no longer exist.

The Baby has become my best friend and now I have to go back to work. I will probably miss her first steps and she'll probably forget how much fun it is nap with me. And there is no way I can compete with the Wifey and her milk jugs. I guess I will just have to buy her things.

Finally, there is one thing that the Baby absolutely adores and it's a Sesame Street video of counting coins. The Baby will literally stop everything once she hears the music.

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