Saturday, March 23, 2019

Dusting This Off

I guess it's been awhile - a little less than two years since my last post and I figured it would be good time to share my thoughts before the oldest child gets a year older.

Parenting is weird. Even after nearly 9 years of being a father, the very thought that I am an actual dad creeps me out. I have not one, but two people who actually look up to me and seek guidance and safety and wisdom from me.

The same guy that once did a full blown WWF style wrestling match for a talent show. The same person who had the worst stomach ache in the world because he thought it would be a good idea to eat a family size box of microwaved salisbury steaks. Yet these two girls will cuddle up with me when a crazy storm runs through or if they ask why the sky is blue.

I am responsible for their growth and well being. I have a lifelong commitment as a result of the best 4 minutes of my wife's night on some random weeknight. It's weird to think that one day you start becoming less immature and you're perusing the clearance aisle at Target for a nice pair of everyday khakis.

Today the Monster is one year from double digits. And having an extreme amount of parental bias, she really is the best kid. The youngest has some potential but the jury is still out on her. The Monster is challenging - she challenges us with random questions, thoughts, and perspective. She challenges herself to accomplish something new. She's absolutely headstrong - which is a trait neither of her parents' possess. There are times that I feel that I am holding her back - not intentionally, just out of sheer apathy and laziness. The first example that comes to mind is riding a bike. We delayed getting the Monster on two wheels and it's just because it's a chore to deal with her frustration. But just last week, over a span of two beautiful days, the Monster taught herself to ride a bike.

We offered guidance but she would refuse our help to hold the seat as she pedaled. And after every fall and scrape and wobbly journey to the pavement, she would pick herself up, yawp her frustration and get right back on it.

Her relationship with her sibling is similar to any other family I think. They fight one minute and are best friends the next. It's an endless loop of figuring out ways to push each other's buttons and then deflect blame when appropriate. Despite these fights, the Monster is a protective big sis. She'll keep an eye on her sister whenever they are together at our gym's daycare - to the point when the youngest said she'd rather play by herself. The Monster will begrudgingly tuck her sister in the middle of the night, or slice her strawberries.

Happy birthday to my favorite first born.

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