Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Getting Fun

We're only a few days away from Pillow turning six months and now she's getting fun. She's beginning to laugh out loud and blabbering non-stop. She still has sleep issues and teething is probably happening but the interaction is approving. Overall she's a really happy baby.

We've also noticed how much Pillow loves to eat. The Wifey made the decision to start Pillow her baby-led weaning. We're slowly introducing new items but making sure it's manageable. Pillow will freak out when she doesn't have something in her hands to shove in her mouth. We've started on small stuff like avocado and bananas and the occasional bread. Her grandmother has been feeding her scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes.

This past week we ventured out to NorthPark to get some pictures with Santa. We went midweek to avoid the line. We arrived at NorthPark at 930am and received our number: 47. 46 people came up to NorthPark before 930am to get a number only to come back at 11am when pictures would start. The good thing about getting a number is you're allowed to come back at anytime and essentially "skip" the line. Just don't lose your number. The Wifey has pretty much lost the ticket every year so I decided to be the holder of the number.

We didn't get around to taking the Santa pictures until about 2pm that day; this was after we went to the Perot Museum. By then, the Monster was done for the day and refused to cooperate. She could be a stubborn B sometimes.

We are just now getting our mind right for Christmas.

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