Friday, December 26, 2014

Another Christmas in the Books

This year's Christmas was a little more low-key than in the past. Maybe it was the nice weather (sunny and 60 degrees) as opposed to the snow and ice that came through last year. We had a modest Christmas for our family but we still ended up coming home with a car trunk full of stuff to step on.

The Wifey has finally gotten better from the flu so the house is a little more cheery. For awhile it was just a house full of dreariness with the Monster crying because she's been holed in the house and Pillow always needing her attention. She probably would have gotten better faster if the Wifey was able to get some rest but she had to take care of Pillow while I was at work.

Here is the official Northpark picture:

We have a lot of goals for the New Year but the main one is to get our damn house clean. We say it every year but this is the year. In fact, 2015 is going to be our best year.

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