Tuesday, May 20, 2014

That's Not Good

Shit is about to get real again. Literal shit. Exploding diapers and weird yellow poop. Ever since the Baby pretty much potty trained herself (parent of the year), the only I time I see any crap, other than my own, is when the Baby forgets to flush and leaves her floaters. But that's all going to change soon.

We are a little under 4 weeks to the arrival of 'Pillow' and I am not the least bit prepared. When the Wifey was preggers with the original Baby, she never once took part in the 'nesting phase'. But I found myself cleaning stuff and organizing things and getting us somewhat prepared. And that was during the time I was working a full time job and taking an insanely idiotic 24 credit hours at school and trying to go pro in Call of Duty. But now, I am just not feeling it. And these last few weeks have been a marathon of washing clothes and cleaning baseboards and organizing things and I really want no part in it.

Every day the Wifey will send me messages like this:

Emotion/Compassion are lacking in my response. It's the incredible amount of fear I have in accepting the fact that we're about to have another living creature in our house. It sends a cold, cold shiver up my spine to think about two screaming voices in the backseat; heck, it might be three screaming voices depending on the mood the Wifey is in. I can imagine the car being filled with a chorus of screaming and yelling and my pathetic sobbing while 'Let it Go' from the Disney's Frozen soundtrack blares from the car speakers. I will call it a Symphony of Conflicting Emotions. I will call it my future.

I just hope Pillow doesn't come sooner than later. And if he/she does, I am pretty sure I can get my mindset adjusted as soon as I hold our newest addition and I can respond with something better than "that's not good."

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