Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Choco Tacos and Tears

Pillow is roughly around it's 26th week and based on the Wifey's bitching, it is currently kicking itself into her lungs. I haven't had a chance to actually feel Pillow kick but I do make sure I poke the crap out of Pillow's home hoping to stir up some movement. It just seems as though Pillow decides to play shy when I get near.

The Wifey has been stashing a box of Choco-Tacos in the back of the freezer and the other night the Baby came across this hidden treasure.

The Baby has always had free reign in the pantry and the fridge and although some parents would freak out over this autonomy, the Baby has done a good job of making healthy choices. She usually opts for fruit or carrots as her preferred snacks. She will sometimes spot the bag of frozen edamame and request that as a snack but she refers to as green beans. Pretty much anything that's small and green is a green bean. Except peas. Those are just peas.

But the box of Choco-Tacos caught her eye as she was rummaging the freezer - the chocolate, waffle shell definitely called out to her. Since she knows better not to eat anything new or delicious without running it by us first, she quietly grabbed my hand and pointed at the majestical glow beaming from this Choco-Taco box.

Sadly, there was only one left. I told the Baby she couldn't have it; she would need to ask her mom first. The Baby started to whine and pout so I finally said, "fine, you can have it. But you have to tell mommy you ate the last one."

Sudden fear colored her face and she frantically said no and refused the scrumptious treat. The Baby knows not to eat a pregnant woman's last one of anything. She decided that a bowl of cold carrots would hold her over until her mother came home.

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