Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the Musical

If it wasn't for a friend posting that he would be starring in the local stage production of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, I probably wouldn't have gone. And if it wasn't for the Wifey finding a Travelzoo deal, I definitely wouldn't have gone. Don't get me wrong, I love musicals. I wish I could sing and I wish I could act and I wish I could dance. And there is no better way to do all three than a musical. That takes talent, which I lack.

Being the avid play goers, we figured the best night would be opening night and went on Black Friday. The performance was at the Majestic Theater. It's a historic theater with a fancy chandelier and intricate designs. The type of theater, as my friend suggested, that would be the home of a classy act like Lisa Lampanelli. Since Dallas Downtown is never an easy task to navigate, we decided to park a block over at a meter. Meters are free after 4pm on weekdays. I picked a central location to the Majestic and dinner, which we decided would be at Wild Salsa. It was a pretty good Mexican restaurant, some of the best salsa I have had, and decent tacos. They even had this salted jalapeno as a garnish. It was like a poor hombre's Shishito. Wild Salsa lacked a kid's menu but they did have kid friendly options - a chicken taco with beans. The Baby ate the beans but the chicken was way too salty. Dinner was moderately priced; it would have been cheaper if I knew about the happy hour specials but I think it was more kid friendly alternative than Dallas Chop House, which is right across the street. There is also a Campisi's that was further down Elm Street but I think Wild Salsa was closer.

The restaurant happened to be across from the Main Street Garden Park and they happened to have an outdoor showing of a Christmas Vacation. If it wasn't so cold, I wouldn't have been opposed to laying out a blanket to partake. There was a Santa at the park but the Baby would have nothing to do with him. We took a few pictures and made our way to the theater.

We had aisle seats, which for us, seems to be the best option just in case the Baby has a meltdown and we can quickly escape. The Travelzoo deal got us in the fourth row, which was a really good deal. The seats are very plush and lean wayyyy back, so be careful. Since the Baby only had beans and chips for dinner and all kid's suddenly are hungry when they go to a show, we had to buy a snack. A bag of pretzels was three bucks. Which I guess isn't terribly awful but it kept the Baby occupied. Since this was a classy show, no flash photography was allowed.

The show was excellent. Basically a live version of the movie. All the animals were adorable and I kinda wish they had some for sale. The Abominable Snowman was huge and looked just like the movie. I think I was more entertained the Baby. The singing was top-notch and I liked the acting. The first half the show was a little long for my taste but it made for a quick second half. We took advantage of the intermission by letting the Baby run up and down the aisle to let off some of that bottled energy. The second act had a sing along for the audience but since we could only sing the chorus, I wasn't impressed. I would have preferred a solo.

Overall it was an entertaining family outing; definitely worth taking advantage of the Travelzoo deal. I also got to see my friend prance in a reindeer costume. I probably would have paid full price for that.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the Musical will be showing until 12/29. If you don't take advantage of the Travelzoo deal, you can get a cast-signed poster with a premium ticket purchase. I know the Baby would love one of those fancy posters (hint hint Bragg).

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