Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Self Feeding

The Wifey and I introduced the Baby to self-feeding and it's been fun to say the least. She has a unique diet of foods that are easy to clean. The messy baby is really cute but it's a hassle to get the bathwater ready every for her. We feed her stalks of broccoli, green beans, corn kernels, carrots, and celery. Pretty much anything she can grasp on her own and shovel into her mouth. The Baby likes to grab her food and carefully examine it. We haven't really introduced any meats to her, however, she does love scrambled eggs.But right now the Baby is a healthy vegetarian.

Currently, her favorite food is carbs. Dr. Atkins would be going crazy if he saw this baby indulge on breads and starches like she does. The Wifey and I can go to our favorite brunch places like Breadwinners and just give her a piece of bread and she would keep herself occupied throughout the meal. Breadsticks, crostinis, pizza crust, and pasta; the Baby is practically a trash compactor for carbs. In order to diversify her meals, the Wifey introduced her to plain yogurt and cheerios. Like I said earlier, we typically try to stay away from messy foods just because...it's messy. But we figured it was Sunday morning and we had nothing better to do than to watch the Baby get dirty in breakfast and give her a morning bath.

She had a grand old time just painting her face with plain yogurt. She obviously bypassed the purpose of a spoon but she did try to use it. And of course where there is a feeding baby, there is a happy dog.

He is pretty useful when I don't feel like getting out the Dyson to clean up the mess. I just sweep everything onto the floor and he goes to town. He's quick, efficient, and he's 100% green. Al Gore would be proud. He was ready to pounce on anything that fell off the table. I think the dog realizes how awesome meal times are for him and the Baby and how messy it can be for us.

And lastly, CLEAN BABY!

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  1. Baby isn't totally vegetarian-she chowed down on the fajita meat the other day!