Thursday, November 11, 2010

McRibs and Simplicity

Growing up I was enamored with McDonalds. It was a treat for our family to go get the delicious treats at Mickey D's. My parents would come home and say "get in the car, we're going to McDonalds!" and I would rush to find my velcro laced shoes and make a mad dash for the backseat of the 85' gray two door Nissan Datsun my dad would cruise around in. I told the kids in my class that it was the car from Back to the Future and they were amazed. Of course, that was until the doors opened and they realized I was a liar. But anyways, McDonald's was a special treat for us and it was even more special when they would offer these "limited edition" sandwiches and I would go nuts over them. Anybody remember the Super Hero burger? It came out when Batman Forever was in theaters. Just a simple burger: three beef patties, two different cheeses, pickles, lettuce, and tomato on a hero bun.

     So yeah, then McDonalds unleashed this awesome work of art called the McRib and my brother and I went apeshit over it. If one can literally go apeshit, then that was me and my brother. I like ribs. I like sandiwches. I like it when you put a "Mc" at the beginning of it. We would buy as many as we could since it was "limited time only" and it would never be back. And when it would come back the next year, we would buy it again because we really thought "this is the year they stop making the McRib!" But as time passed on and the "limited edition" moniker wore off, I realized the McRib is kinda nasty. It's a meat patty in the shape of ribs. Boneless ribs. And then slathered in their McChicken Nugget bbq sauce which should be used for fries and McChicken Nuggets. And it's a meat patty in the shape of freaking ribs!

I guess my sense of texture and tastes buds have been better developed. Oh yeah and my brain too.

So anyways, the Baby is officially back to sleeping in her own room. She was going through a rough period of bad teething, so she would sleep in our bed since it was easier for us to comfort her. But I guess with all the snoring that goes on in the room, the Baby and the Wifey could never get a good night of sleep. So we had to reintroduce her to her crib and letting her go to sleep on her own. It only took two nights and me staying awake and the Wifey turning off the monitor for the Baby to go to sleep on her own. I would go in there when the Baby would have one of her tantrums and she would be in her crib grasping the bars like she was a prisoner just screaming. Or she would pull herself up and stand there and scream. Eventually she got the idea that she wasn't coming out of her room. and And now the Baby sleeps almost as soon as you put her down and she stays asleep. She consistently sleeps 12 hours a night. Which is ridiculous that we didn't put her back into the crib before. We're also teaching the Baby tricks. Our dog is too dumb and crazy to understand the concept of commands and tricks, so we figured we would start fresh with the Baby. She can now kiss on command, depending on whether or not she wants to be shy. But if you ask for a kiss, she leans over and opens up her mouth and sticks out her tongue for a slobbery kiss; just like her mother. She also loves shaking hands and on occasion will wave hello and goodbye. Babies make the best pets.

The family also ventured out to the Arboretum before Halloween to take some photos and enjoy the really nice weather. We didn't realize it was trick or treating for the kids that day so the Baby was just wearing civilian clothes. But she looked adorable.

This picture is one of my favorites and it just sums up everything about the Baby. She has the soft green grass under her, a cool October breeze on her face, and the warm Autumn sun on her skin. And she has zero cares in the world. While we were taking these pictures, people passing by would stop and just adore her and we knew that the Baby was making them just as happy as we were. For Halloween, the Baby dressed up as "Dronkey" from the Shrek movies. When we would say "Dronkey" everyone thought we said "Drunkie". Although both equally adorable, we went with the more kid-friendly version. We really wanted to find the super cute costume but everything was too big for the petite Baby but everything worked out.

We took this photo at Target's Portait Studio and we were thoroughly impressed. The photographer wasn't aggressive and doing stupid poses, she just let the Baby do her thing. And the best thing about this photo shoot, this was the first time that the Baby sat up by herself for an extended period of time without toppling over. She sat in this pose for a good three minutes. It was just weird because that morning she was falling over like a "drunkie" and couldn't keep up. But then we realized that the Baby is pretty photogenic because we took our holiday portraits with the indomitable Carissa Byers at her studio. And the Baby posed for every single picture. She just smiled and stared at the camera. The Wifey and I didn't even have to make any stupid faces and noises to make the Baby smile. But seriously, look at these photos:

We can't wait for the rest of the photos.

Happy Birthday to Kelly! She thought our baby was so cute she decided to get a daughter herself. Expected due date of 2/19 but everyone knows the 24th of February is the best day ever.  And also a congratulations to Chasity and her new daughter Piper.


  1. Beautiful she is the spitting image of her mom

  2. oh lord, those holiday portraits are to die for. i better get a card! (: