Monday, March 4, 2013

A Beautiful Little Fool

The Baby is finally coming around to appreciating what is going on in the movies and shows she watches. She knows when the hero wins the girl or the villain does something dastardly. I have seen her display a wide range of emotions just from from watching The Lion King. She has even found extreme delight in slapstick comedy - and she will just let out bellyful giggles when a character gets the random smack in the head.We were enjoying a lazy Thursday night watching Ice Age; the Baby and I were sharing the loveseat and crunching on chips when the Baby discovered a scene she truly enjoyed:


Now my question is when do we realize that our kids are going to be geniuses or if they are just going to be average? Parents freak out when their kids do something new and it's always, "I think that's early for their age!" or "They are ahead of schedule if they are doing that already!" But I guess I am aware that kids develop sooner than others but that doesn't make the ones that take their sweet time doing things on command any less intelligent.

Some kids are going to recite the alphabet, others can write their name; my child counts the numbers of turds she leaves in the toilet.

The Baby is approaching her third birthday and I couldn't tell you if she is advanced or behind. She knows her numbers but for some reason can only count in order to 4 or maybe she doesn't want to count to 5. The Baby knows her letters but for some odd reason wants to combine the alphabet song with 'itsy bitsy spider.' 

But I'm not worried. She has always been one to do things on her own terms; sometimes I wish she'd do them sooner than later.
"I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." - The Great Gatsby

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