Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little V-Day Love

I should really do a better job of not doing monthly updates.

Hopefully, with my schedule changing to more normal hours in a few weeks, I can provide more consistent updates.

Everything is going well with the family This past weekend we signed up for a family membership at the Dallas Children's Science Museum - a new one is opening next year - so we figured we go ahead and jump on it now.

The Wifey and I are going out of town without the Baby for the first time next week. It should be interesting. I will probably cry before the Wifey will so we'll see how it goes. The Baby has woken up with either one of us since she has been born. And we'll be gone for a good three days. Luckily we'll be in Vegas so it won't take too much to forget our sadness. The Grandmother should have a ball with the Baby - we're hoping she's a perfect angel and sleepovers can happen a lot more often.

And of course, a happy Valentine's to the most important women in my life, Wifey and Baby. I can honestly say that they are both my best friends and both will do anything to make me happy - my wife for always making sure I never go hungry and for the Baby for always enjoying Asian food. It's a win-win situation.

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