Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Terrible Twos...Too Soon

We are getting to the stage where the Baby is constantly testing us and her limits. She's hands down the most adorable kid when she will just reach out and hug you or grab your face and give you a long, drawn out kiss on your lips. Or she will just fake laugh until you'll react with a real laugh. And we have to try really hard to hold onto those moments as she turns into the worst kid ever.

In order to keep my blood pressure down, I will pair one bad thing with a good thing.

She will randomly grab our phones and just throw it across the room. Not a soft, baby toss but an Olympian discus fling.

Every night before bed she takes our phones and attempts to plug them to charge. And in the mornings, the first thing she does it bring our phones to us.

She throws away everything. The trash can is her most favorite place.

She throws away her trash if we ask her to but then again, she probably just enjoys throwing stuff away to begin with.

She loves playing with the dog food.

She loves hand feeding our dog. And has the most adorable laugh when she chases him.

She likes to spill her drinks on purpose to play with the mess.

She is adamant to drink from a cup like a big girl. It's frustrating but it's cute to watch.

Those are the main ones now; it's going to get worse before it gets any better so we're bracing ourselves.

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