Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kid's Menus

I think the majority of professional chefs would agree that kid's menus are absolutely a waste of time and money. Granted they are just children but they undermine the palettes of children. It's the same stuff - overpriced blue box mac and cheese and chicken tenders - sometimes we'll be lucky and there will be a pasta, accompanied with mandarin oranges in syrup straight from the jar.

Although the Baby herself has a simple enough sense of taste; we can't go wrong with steamed rice or pasta, the Baby will usually eat anything we put in front of her. She has eaten sushi (higher quality stuff, not the prepackaged Wal-Mart stuff) and really likes edamame. I just find it sad that a lot of the nicer restaurants have involuntarily dubbed themselves as "not kid friendly". It's not hard to be kid friendly - just have high chairs available. Our child will eat off our plates and if they don't like it, we have some animal crackers just in case.

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